From only remuneration to emotional salary


If we take into account that people are integral beings with a work environment, a family environment and a human being with their own needs that requires work in order to have an appropriate quality of life, then we must review if we are failing as companies by thinking that the employee is only a production machine that works for a mere economic remuneration and does not think of him as an integral person with different needs and expectations.

There are several ways to offer our employees and collaborators emotional salaries to make them happy and keep them in the companies, thus creating loyalty, motivation, permanence and commitment to the company.

Let’s review some of them:

  1. Simply words: Human relationships between people are fundamental in a work environment, the recognition given by the boss for a good job such as “thank you”, “good job”; etc. can influence employees with responses such as “this was the best you could do”, “you are to blame for …”, etc.

  2. Active Pauses: You have long working hours, in front of a computer, answering calls, meetings, etc. It is necessary to give the body rest, it is very easy to take a few minutes to relax, do stretching exercises, de-stress. For this it is not necessary to hire an expert, as simple as searching YouTube for some 5 to 10 minute relaxation videos to take a moment out of the routine and be able to continue, the important thing is to do the routine regularly.

  3. First your collaborators: The most important thing is that if the business is going well we are all going well, if the business is going bad we are all going badly, so, believe it or not, work meetings with a small breakfast or midmorning, a something or Taking them out of the work environment for an occasional snack helps motivate people; Being informed about the achievements of the company for your collaborators is a motivational factor that can help happiness within the company and the work environment.

  4. Be positive: Not every day we get up in good spirits and we cannot expect employees to be in good spirits all the time, the important thing is that we communicate our ideas positively, we are not all good motivators or good listeners but you have thought about how good it feels to have your boss listen to you when there are problems at work, support you and motivate you to keep going. Positive motivation and feeling that your boss supports you is a highly motivating factor for all people

  5. Not everything is money: With formulas such as free time, discount vouchers, study aid, recognitions, etc. You can motivate employees to be better, their permanence in the company, and loyalty for the retention of their abilities and skills, tools such as BieneStore facilitate this entire process in organizations that seek a motivated and happy human factor.

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